Pelosi To Run for Minority Leader

Love her, hate her, demonize her, but U.S. Representative and outgoing Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is running for Minority Leader. Yesterday morning I posted this entry about whether she should run (and I said yes).  I made sure those I know who know those who should know read what I wrote.

There is a serious backlash about to be felt if those on the Hill do not realize that with women barely making gains, if any, at the federal level, and losing at the state legislatures, women will dig in and retrench and be back. And those who are already in positions that can be leveraged for leadership are seeking and should be expected to seek more and more visible roles to show that we don’t fade.

The end of men meme was a linkbait fiasco but the political courage to challenge the status quo and speak up only gets strengthened when we see one person and then another and another do it.

Sigh – it doesn’t even have to be this way. But when you write headlines like “Bachmann leadership bid adds drama” and show her getting makeup applied to her face – hello? Remember the whole Hillary Clinton The New Republic “hysteria” cover blow-up? We don’t have to take it and we’re not going to take it.

So take that.  And good luck to Pelosi. She’s going to need it!

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