[update] To Supporters of Kasich & Company: Tell Me Why I Should Not Feel Scared

[Update: great long comment thread here about this same topic]

Tell me why I should not be scared. Tell me why I should not worry. Tell me why I should not get a little nauseous every time I read a new sound bite or idea promoted by the newly elected Ohio public servants.  Because when I open the paper, I find a lot about these folks that scares me – and they scared me before.

I’m not looking to defend why I find what they say they want to do as being scary. And I’m not interested in attacking why I can’t buy what it is you’re buying.  My request – sincere – comes from knowing that I know people whom I believe have reasonable heads on their shoulders.  I want to understand why those whom I do believe are smart and compassionate but prefer different methods for getting at problems than I might, and with that, have different priorities that inform how they prefer to solve problems, find what appears to be happiness and comfort in this changing of the guard. Because I’m totally not getting that. I’m not sure I ever will – I’ll say that from the start.  But I absolutely want to understand what it is that you see that I don’t see or that I’m rejecting – if in fact I do.  I totally do not want to move back East but I’m a blue girl in a red state now and stepping out of the cave and into the political sphere as I have, I’m really, really not happy with what I’m seeing in the Ohio future.  Those who supported Kasich et al – clearly you see something different.

I want to understand that. So I’m asking, and listening.

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