Diminishing Marginal Returns on Bashing Obama

People know they’re going to hit that, right?  There’s little more amplification that can be done on the tactic of blamming the President for this, that and the other thing.  It’s not just piling on, it’s making people turn away and tire.  It’s fill in the blank headline time – who even bothers to read the articles when you see the variation on the same theme ad nauseum:

Jindal Blasts Obama

Boehner Really Blasts Obama

Republicans ALL Blast Obama

Chris Matthews Blasts Obama While Getting Tingles on His Thigh

Spike Lee Blasts AND BLAMS Obama

Neil Armstrong Blasts OFF on Obama

Jon Stewart Laughs And Blasts Obama

Sarah Palin OF COURSE Blasts Obama

Just Google “blasts Obama.”  You’ll see.

Combine all that with new research out from Pew that shows people are not all that excited, happy or eager to have as big an influx of red as we got last Tuesday, and you better believe that we’re soon approaching the point of diminishing marginal return on blasting our president.

What’s that mean? Depends on what you’re hoping to accomplish.  I’m happy to have the Republicans continue to focus on blasting Obama and Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid – no one is or will be listening after that point of diminishing returns is met – but they’ll keep blasting on and exhaust themselves with nothing to show for it.  I don’t think it works if they want to win the White House in 2012 but then I’m not likely to want them to win the White House in 2012. So it’s all good.

If you’re a Democrat, you need to help knock some sense into your electeds. Make sure they get the word out about what they’re accomplishing and who it’s benefiting, long-term and short-term. You communicate that to your allies. You make people feel and you show people that they are in fact important to you, every single one of them.

Citizen legislators did well this year for a lot of reasons – incumbents who stayed too long at the party, those who were too co-opted into the system to show independence when it was needed, and in an influential way, and a coming of age of those I’d consider to be the echo-boomers: those of us at the tail end of the so-called baby boom who are still in our 40s and just hitting our stride and thrist and hunger to do more and make more of an impact, on everything.  I expect that there will be more “citizen legislators” in our future.

But no elected can make a career out of only blasting and not doing.  Or he or she will be blasted out too.

2 thoughts on “Diminishing Marginal Returns on Bashing Obama

  1. Wow! Really, Don?!?! This country was founded on immigrants. YOU are an immigrant, technically, unless you are Native American.

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