Cleveland’s #1…In Number of Political Ads Aired

How sick is that? From Hotline On Call:

Viewers in some states saw more political spots than others. If you live in the Cleveland, Ohio, media market, you saw more ads than anyone else in America. In October, 29,689 political spots ran in the Cleveland market, accounting for 23.44 percent of all ads run last month. To put it another way, there were 40 political ads aired every hour of every day in the month of October.

Voters in Columbus, Ohio saw almost as many ads; 24,693, or 23.37 percent of all television ads, were political. The runners up were Portland, Ore. (21.78 percent), Sacramento, Calif. (21.18 percent) and Seattle, Wash. (19.47 percent). [emphasis added]

I’m feeling in a charitable mood so I’m going to stay away from the very obvious jabs at who exactly contributed to our #1 ranking, and the content that did it.

And more importantly than how ill this is, consider how much money was wasted on this kind of yes, free speech, compared to the literally billions that is going to be cut from the Ohio budget?

Up is down.

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