Women in Media & News Exec Dir on TSA Saving Us from Explosive Power of Her Breasts

And let me just say, having met Jenn Pozner a few times (and adoring her and her work), she is not joking about that power!  An excerpt, but go read the entire post for yourself – it’s not a laughing matter and she does a good job grounding it in her own experience:

I am thankful that my TSA experience wasn’t particularly gropey and didn’t feel assaultive, though it was definitely uncomfortable. I chose not to ask for a private screening room, because I wanted others to know that they can (and I believe should, considering we really don’t know enough about the potentially awful health risks of the backscatter machines) refuse the cancer box and opt for a search. But I was really disturbed by the fact that the searches can be outrageously intrusive and aggressive or relatively benign, and there’s no way to know until some stranger’s fingers are poking your genitals and/or breasts, (or not, as the case may be).

Jenn’s a great chronicler and writer and storyteller so I would highly recommend both that post and her book (on whose site the post appears).  Thanks for taking one for the girls, Jenn and writing about it very maturely.

One thought on “Women in Media & News Exec Dir on TSA Saving Us from Explosive Power of Her Breasts

  1. Well, actually, I WAS joking about my breasts… but not about the rest of it. Thanks for posting, Jill. My TSA experience is not at all extreme compared to some, but even that in and of itself is problematic, right? That there are no consistent standards. Anyway, I do hope people read the full post and comment there. I want to hear about others’ experiences.

    Oh, and PS: I adore you too!

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