Palin Realizes How Scary She Is: Jabs Are Warnings That If We Don’t Behave, She’ll Run

Because Sarah Palin believes that the threat of her running for president is that scary.

From Politico:

Sarah Palin took the media and even President Barack Obama to task Thursday in a Thanksgiving message posted online.

Palin’s Facebook statement served as both a warning shot to the media and to the White House. She has made it clear in the Past several weeks that she is considering running for president, telling ABC that she could defeat Obama. [emphasis added]

The gist of Palin’s memo was that the media should apply even standards to candidates and their slip-ups.

So – if I’m reading this right, Sarah Palin is warning us about how the price to be paid, if the media and others do not apply standards evenly to all candidates on their slip-ups, is that she’ll become a presidential candidate. And that that “sanction” should frighten us enough to apply even standards, or else…she’ll run.

This means that, now, even she is buying how scary she is. Maybe we’re making some progress, except I suspect that as with so many words in the English language, she just doesn’t define them the same way most people do.

Of course, the reality is that it doesn’t matter if everyone on the left and the right and in between write about this person every waking moment of every day.  Sarah Palin is a world-class narcissist and her need for attention will never be satiated, neh-ver ever ever.  As in – at no such time as will ever exist in any dimension.

To boot, she is a person who trusts no one except possibly but not even necessarily those who espouse precisely what she does.  Who within her circle who has influence on her deviates from her preferences?  This nearly 8,000 word piece from last week’s New York Times magazine sure doesn’t seem to indicate that there’s anyone. And she spends day in and day out defending her paranoia and deflecting criticism in anyway she can.  For more understanding of what her behaviors tell us about her, read this.

And now, if you believe Politico’s take, she wants us to behave the way she thinks we should behave by virtue of the power she believes exists in the threat that she may run for president?

This takes fearmongering to a whole new level.

Hattip to Joanne Bamberger.

Other worthwile and provocative reading on this subject from Addie Stan and Elizabeth Wurtzel.

6 thoughts on “Palin Realizes How Scary She Is: Jabs Are Warnings That If We Don’t Behave, She’ll Run

  1. Normally I ignore all things Palin, but Scarborough’s Politico article caught my eye and checking some of the discussions via Memorandum brought me here.

    Excuses made, your analysis of that woman is accurate. My view is that she’s a 21st Century Aimee Semple McPherson and if we’re all lucky she’ll crash just as dramatically. Her antics are about money, she doesn’t want to be President, God forbid she’d need to do something. But she needs an enemy and craves resentment, and an unsuccessful run for president would give her both.

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  3. Adrienne – I do agree that there is a lot of mutual use going on – mutual manipulation. But I do believe that what goes around comes around, I really do. And I think there are several signs that some people in elected office are not going to let their decades of work go down the drain without a fight. This is a very tumultuous time – but the end is not yet written. We have the ability to help write it. I think we should. 🙂

  4. I hope so. But there was a President Reagan, and the rotten Bushes. I don’t discount anything. Plus, I hear the same dog whistle that her peeps do. It is very distressing to me as you no doubt saw from the vitriole that I use against her. I think you may have the same concerns that I do about the state of the Republican party (the complete embrace of the radical wing with little moderation). She is the standard bearer of the radical wing of the more radical Republican party. They are out of the closet and proud of it with the support of and enabling by MSM.

    Thanks so much for your prompt reply yesterday! I like what you have to say; I just lurk, mostly.

  5. Thanks for reading and commenting, Adrienne. Here’s something I wrote on another thread and it’s why I am certain that no one has “created this monster” – least of all me or the MSM even (they’re just making money off of her):

    But you know what? Knowing what a lifelong terminal narcissist she is, it really doesn’t matter how much we read or write about her. For her, it will never be enough – remember it really is not about us – it is all about her. N…arcissists do not care about sucking people dry of all their energy and attention, to the detriment of any other one or thing. That’s why they’re narcissists.

    She will need to get more and more outrageous to get attention – she can’t even focus on her own daughters’ dilemmas and highs and lows or Thanksgiving itself, right?

    There’s no chance that even if you and I contributed gazillions to her bottom line, we’re never voting for her for president. Never. And I feel extremely comfortable in that knowledge being shared by many, many voters. If our giving her attention pushes her to behave in ways that take her to the point of no return and jumping the shark, let the games proceed. 😉

    That’s how I feel. It wouldn’t matter if every single American wrote about her every minute of everyday – it would not be enough for her. She is who she is because of herself – not because of anything I’ve written or anything anyone else has written – her early history shows that and now, it’s just more public. Her need will forever expand and be insatiable. The sooner we all realize that, the easier it will be to just let her continue to spin out of control.

  6. Who cares?
    Why are you and your friends talking about “her evilness”? I am ashamed that she is one of us. I curse John McCain and his evil cabal for unleashing this loser/quitter from Alaska on us. Of course, she is an egomaniac. You and the MSM created this monster and here she is to stay.

    Here she is continuing to stir the pot (all a distraction continuing the divide and conquer strategy) as long as she and her friends make money. I hope she does run. My motto will be “I am one woman who has only contempt for SP and everything she stands for” “I am just as real an American as she is”. “SP stands for America for white men only”. She may win because angry white penises do the picking. Or perhaps she is the useful idiot and they will throw her away once she has delivered the “angry white people’s vote”, and they are done with here. Fine with me! She belongs in the 9th circle of H*** with the other betrayers. She is a beneficiary of the Women’s movement but hates women.
    Not saying her name since it seems to give the monster power like Voldemort.

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