WLST Untabbed: 11/29/10

I used to do Remains of the Day and Daily Exclamation posts – basically link round-ups. But since getting elected last year, it’s been very difficult for me to get a really consistent blogging pattern going, even though it feels like there’s more stuff to blog about than ever.

Like many people, I’m resorting to status updates on Facebook and Twitter to compensate for not taking the time to just open up a new blog post screen and write, but having struck out yesterday in trying to find a good app that lets my FB updates stream in my sidebar, and having no more time available to waste on trying to find something (although someone reading this can take pity on me and offer another suggestion – I’ve tried the apps that tell you to take the RSS for notifications and a few other suggestions already – they just gave me error messages in my sidebar), and still not feeling like I can kill my darlings of news and info that I think deserve a bigger audience, I’m going to try this untabbed approach.

The designation comes from the fact that I have a real thing about leaving open so many tabs in my browsers that I render my computer useless (I get the beachball and then it crashes).  No guarantees on how this will go, but speaking of balance in life, I am missing writing very, very much.

1. From Cory Doctorow at BoingBoing: Menstruating woman subjected to TSA grope because panty-liner obscured her vulva on pornoscanner

2. So FB does have this activity feed thingy, but it only works with pages – I don’t want to turn into a page

3. Who says politics is not a popularity contest? Sarah Palin would win the Google vote

4. From Liz Gumbiner and the Cool Moms Picks, cool mom tech picks for the holiday season (some very good ideas in there)

5. Two flamingly opposite examples of leadership in Ohio: new County Executive (and Democrat) Ed Fitzgerald and the open government approach to filling positions versus Ohio Governo-elect (and Republican) John Kasich’s defensive justification for closed government approach to filling positions – editorial boards and open government advocates (including the media’s lawyers), please step it up. (And by the way – if you’re interested in a position on one of the county boards or commissions, you can see the full list here.)

6. Regarding record corporate profits reported last week, from Melissa McEwan speaks truth to power:

Deregulation, privatization, corporate personhood, the veneration of avarice, the conflation of wealth with morality, and the myth of a market that solves all problems. That’s what got us here.

The US public has told itself a lot of lies. The truth is this: The invisible hand belongs to a thief.

7. From one of my all-time favorite resources, National Conference of State Legislatures, a great post about creating apps for the legislative world – for citizens to connect to their electeds, electeds to connect to citizens and being able to access data about either all from smartphone and other mobile devices.

8. I hope more than just the Ohio Tea Party stay on John Boehner when it comes to his plan to kill the Office of Congressional Ethics. You’d think with all the investigating that Daniel Issa is planning on doing, even they’d recognize the hypocrisy. Ok – maybe not.  Of course, I continue to harbor anger about the Ohio legislature’s 2005 killing of the office that oversaw charter schools. Moving on…

9. Res ipsa baby: It’s Time for Women to Lead and Men to Follow

10. And another: How Female Leadership Traits Can Benefit IT

11. From a mentor and leader of women into leadership, Why Pelosi Didn’t Fail

12. Matt Lewis is one of my favorite right of center observers and this post from 2008, Falling Forward in Politics: Six Tips on Enduring a Political Loss, should be a must-read for anyone involved in a campaign.

13. Despite headlines that focus on the turning away from Democrats in Dixie, here’s a good piece on the success of Terri Sewell, first African-American woman to represent Alabama in the House.

14. Cynthia Ruccia is known in Ohio (and beyond) for a few things – most notably, I’m guessing, her campaigns against John Kasich when he was running for Congress and her participation in  election 2008 activities around calling out sexism.  Here’s her current thinking on 21st Century Feminism.

15. Celebrating new Ohio statehouse elected, Kathleen Clyde from the Kent area.

16. Noting the path to Congressional seats – be a staffer of a sitting member of Congress. (LegiStorm also has data on earmarks.)

17. Finally, Technorati’s State of the Blogosphere 2010.  With a “deeper dive” into the female bloggers section of the sphere.

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