[updatedx3] Bring It On! Why Boehner is Not “Just Doing a Good Thing for Women”

Go read for yourself. Absolute, total, complete and sociopathic hypocrites. You want to know what it is to run small cities and big federal government during a recession? You don’t effing spend money on new powder rooms and building a new parliamentarian’s office while denying an extension of unemployment benefits and demanding that nothing but tax cuts and budgets be discussed.

From today: “GOP Transition Team Eyes Cost Cuts:”

In the budget justifications submitted in February, the Architect of the Capitol and the Capitol Police requested 15 percent budget increases from fiscal 2010.

“This is a time when it’s pretty evident that people don’t want Congress spending money on itself,” the staffer said. “It’s a challenge, but at the end of the day, I think we’ll be able to do both. We’ll be able to reduce the cost of operations of Congress, but we’re going to put a lot of emphasis into figuring out how to do more with less.”

And from February 2010, from Fox News no less: “Watchdog Groups Slam Capitol Architect for $690 Million Budget Request”

Sandra Fabry, government affairs manager with Americans for Tax Reform, said that despite the need for repairs, “now is certainly not the time” for big-ticket budget requests.

“There is just no way that an increase of such proportions can be considered reasonable given the dire straits we’re in fiscally,” she said. “They’ve seen massive increases in funding in the past.”

The $602 million the office was budgeted for in 2010 marked a 14 percent increase over its $530 million amount from the year before.

The office has faced the ire of lawmakers over the years for blowing through money on the Capitol Visitor Center, a project that started in 2000. The project was delayed and bloated due to post-Sept. 11 security changes as well as other adjustments.

I want numbers  – I want to know what Boehner is okaying as a budget for the powder room and for the new parliamentarian’s office.

UPDATE: And while those who want to say that Boehner is just doing a nice thing for women, I’m sure he’s praying that you’re ignoring his hardening anti-choice agenda.

I don’t care if you kid yourself, but no one is going to kid me.

UPDATEx2: And for anyone still wanting to do an eye-roll and ignore just how 100% political this is?  Two things for ya:

Incoming Republican US Rep from Wisconsin and The Real Life dude, Sean Duffy’s wife fawning over Boehner letting her use the key to his bathroom at the House so she could breastfeed.

Item #2: Republican and US Rep Cathy McMorris Rodgers just had her second child yesterday. She was elected in 2005, had her first child while in office in 2007 and now is the first woman to give birth to two children while in office in the House.

This all started with the suggestion that Boehner would shutdown the breastfeeding room it took Nancy Pelosi to have set up.

Nothin’ but Boehner and politics as usual – something we know he knows a lot about.

UPDATEx3: If you’re a female, have you ever heard a noise in your car or in an appliance, and been told by a guy that either they didn’t hear it or there was nothing wrong, only for them to then experience the noise or the problem and THEN decide that something needed to be done about it? This whole situation with the need – the real need – for something to have been done a loooong time ago about the restrooms is that societal diminution playing out before our eyes. It’s just infuriating.

One thought on “[updatedx3] Bring It On! Why Boehner is Not “Just Doing a Good Thing for Women”

  1. Why do women vote for R’s again?
    I guess getting crumbs and a pat on the head alternating with a smack from the oppressor is better than getting exterminated altogether.

    We can call him “both ways boner”.

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