Forest Fire in Israel: Information, How You Can Help

Dozens have died, an entire Druze village (which I’ve been to) has been evacuated along with thousands of other residents of the Northern area of Israel and we’re being told there’s no end in sight. So far, the countries that are helping include:

Some 100 firefighters from Bulgaria arrived as well as fire extinguishing planes and crews from Greece and Britain, Israeli officials said. More aid was on its way from the United States, Russia, Egypt, Cyprus, Jordan, Spain, Azerbaijan, and Romania.

Turkey set aside tensions over Israel’s deadly raid on a Turkish Gaza-bound flotilla in May to lend a hand – though Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Ergodan underlined that the help didn’t mean ties were back to normal and said his country still wanted an apology for the raid and compensation for the victims.

Still, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu singled out Turkey for thanks as he expressed his appreciation to countries around the world for their help.

And from the New York Times:

The Palestinian Authority, which cut off American-sponsored direct peace talks with the Netanyahu government two months ago, sent fire trucks.

See photos, read more here.

Find more information and how to donate here.

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