Fox News Forced to Hire High-End Law Firm, Campaign Finance Attorney to Fight Ohio Elections Commission Filing

I’m glad that this is being pursued. As Huffington Post recaps:

In early August, the Democratic campaign arm accused Fox of illegally helping to raise money on behalf of incoming Ohio Governor John Kasich (R-Ohio) by running a chyron featuring his website at the same time that he was soliciting donations during an interview on Bill O’Reilly’s show.

Sam Stein speculates, however, that something much bigger is at stake:

Underpinning the legal back-and-forth between the DGA and Fox is a far more interesting political saga. There is a growing acceptance among Democratic officials to treat the television network not as a news outlet but, rather, as a functioning arm of the Republican Party. The initial complaint was filed not just to question Fox’s editorial decisions but to dissuade the network from providing a favorable platform for Kasich and to even help raise money for the DGA itself.

Frankly, I think this all just makes the case for the institution of transparency and media literacy programs.¬† Because do we really expect that work-arounds won’t be devised, pursued or otherwise deployed?

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