The New Congress? Whole Lotta Same w/Kasich, Boehner Leading the Way

Let’s make our way back to Ohio for a few minutes – maybe a few posts, maybe more. Goodness knows Ohio needs the attention from political bloggers from within Ohio – especially women on the left of center. But to ease back into that writing, let me start with this photo:

This is a photo of Ohio Gov.-elect John Kasich blocking a woman, Ohio US Representative and Speaker-to-be John Boehner, a whole lotta white guys & a woman who appears to be standing on tippy toes trying to see what’s going on (don’t worry! nothing we haven’t seen before!).  It’s on Boehner’s home page.

Let this sink in.  Because for the year 2011, a year that Republicans and many others claimed was going to be so different – especially in terms of representation, getting things done and direction, it sure seems to reflect a whole lotta same: same faces, same gender, same color, same party, same representation.  Where are they keepin’ all those doggone tea party people who supposedly reflect citizen legislators and all kinds of Americans?

Couple this with Boehner’s pandering to powder rooms and Kasich’s tossing off comments about how he makes the big decisions (he gave “global warming issues” as an example – ironic given that just yesterday his photo buddy Boehner is leading the charge to eliminate the House committee related to global warming) and his wife “…makes the little decisions” like “…where we live, what we eat, where we go and what we do” –  and we’re looking not only at chauvinism going mainstream but transparently so – with no compunction.

If the media is actually as liberal as those who call it the “librul media” say it is, then maybe we’re in luck and they’ll finely see the systemic sexism in front of us, on display. Here’s a refresher from 2008 and an upcoming documentary called Miss Representation will bolster all that and the powerful negative influence that flows from it (the powerful positive influence being all of us who are raising hell over it).

Given the emphasis these days on authenticity, why didn’t Kasich and Boehner et al just campaign on “Whole Lotta Same: Same Faces, Same Gender, Same Color, Same Party, Same Representation.”

Maybe because they know that’s precisely what we actually don’t want.  They just figured so long as we’re looking at candidates who are adulterers, not witches and anti-Muslim, they could just make it sound different and in 2010, that was enough.

We must make it not be enough from here on out and, frankly, take advice from Republican strategist Ed Rollins: if we want to be taken seriously, we need to be serious.  Because if we think the fallout from the 2010 midterms is going to make life miserable for the underrepresented and unrepresented (let alone a whole lotta folks who can represent themselves), more losses of public servants from the left of center and the moderate positions on either side of center are going to propel this country to the bottom of every important metric we’ve come to value.

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