Sometimes They Pay Me Department: Cultural Links Last a Lifetime

Excerpt from Cleveland Family Mommy Matters:

Being Jewish, I love that my kids learn and understand that Chanukah and all the Jewish holidays are special unto themselves and best when not combined with other religions’ holidays. I never wanted to celebrate Christmas in my home growing up, and I have no desire to do so now.

Still, every year when Christmas comes around, I get smiley and wistful because of a cultural link made before I probably was able to read. This link, through a childhood friend and her family, has let me be exposed to Christmas and other holidays in memories I continue to cherish and, most important to me, in a way that has never been a threat to my own religion’s convictions.

Chappy Chanuka, Merry Christmas, Celebrate Kwanzaa and Happy New Year.

One thought on “Sometimes They Pay Me Department: Cultural Links Last a Lifetime

  1. Thank you! I, too, always tell people about how wonderful it was that I shared Chanakuah with your family and you shared Cristmas with ours. I think it makes us better people to understand and appreciate others beliefs. As you said, it’s no threat to our individual beliefs; it serves to strengthen, in a good way, who we are while learning and growing. If I were to be granted one wish this year, it would be that all humans could embrace each others differences/religions without feeling threatened or the need to dominate over those who are different. Happy Holidays to all in whatever way you celebrate!

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