Mandel: Tells Local Officials He’ll Increase Returns to Them

From Ohio Treasurer-elect’s listening tour, via The Courier:

Officials told Mandel they want him to give counties better returns on their funds invested in the state’s investment pool. Allen County Treasurer Jim Link said the state is earning about 2 percent on $5 million Allen County has invested. Yet it has paid Allen County only 0.04 percent to 0.12 percent recently.

From that comes a Mandel promise, according to the article:

Mandel was empathetic. He said he will increase returns to local governments.

Goodness knows all local governments, Pepper Pike included, could use that increase.

The article also says that the 40 government and school leaders from Hancock and neighboring counties present pressed to stop unfunded mandates that come from Mandel’s current government entity – the state legislature:

Hancock County Treasurer J. Steve Welton said state lawmakers should provide funding to schools and local governments when state legislation increases their labor and other costs. Welton urged Mandel, whose term as a legislator ends this year, to send the message to other lawmakers.

“If a bill needs to be passed, then they ought to be able to find the finance to go along with it before they shove it on down the pike,” Welton said. “I have watched the state government come up with all kinds of bills, and send them to the counties and schools to pay, but never have the funding to go along with it.”

Not sure which Kool-aid any of these folks drank during the 2010 elections because the likelihood that Ohio Governor-elect John Kasich or the soon to be all-Republican majority Ohio legislature will seek to “…provide funding to schools and local governments when state legislation increases labor and other costs…” has got to be less than zero.

Lucky for Josh Mandel, these folks were talking to someone whose new job has little to do with that request, just as his professing that he’s against tax increases also has little to do with his upcoming charges as Treasurer to manage the tax dollars we’re already required to pay.  I’d love to know what these officials consider to be evidence of influence that they believe Mandel will have over the state legislators, especially given the $8-11 billion budget deficit those legislators will be working on.

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