See Plain Dealer’s Headline Protecting Kasich for Yourself

This image is from the three articles you can find at this morning when searching on “rail kasich lahood” for articles in the last 24 hours:

This is how the first article, titled at as, “Feds to Ohio: Your high-speed rail project is officially dead (and New York thanks you)” is headlined on the front page of this morning’s print version of the PD, above the fold:

That’s right – “US Taking $400M in rail funds from Ohio.”

That’s what we get from the neutral, has filters, just the facts ma’am traditional media. A news story that exists SOLEY because of Ohio Governor-elect John Kasich’s repetitiously stated policy preference for no rail is headlined, in a print version of the paper, as the U.S. “taking” funds “from” Ohio.


8 thoughts on “See Plain Dealer’s Headline Protecting Kasich for Yourself

  1. Actually I am wrong….
    131 miles at 60mph 2hrs 18 minutes
    131 miles at 42mph 3hrs 11 minutes

    Cleveland to Pittsburgh on Amtrak,

    If it went 100mph then you could get there in an hour and a half.

  2. The PD also wrote the train would only travel at 39-50mph and current Amtrak trains travel at 50-79mph? There is a rail study that claims the speed of the line as the same as current Amtrak Trains, so why use the lowered number?

    Its all definitely political adding the rail line would cost the state money and in California it will as well. This is all about deficits and our state is at 7B for 2011 and California will be at 24B.

    The article did not surprise me except the understating of the speed….that came off as a lie. The lie to the common sense people that of course are unwittingly laughing at the understated speeds.

    At first read I believed the low speed claims, then checked and now see it as a lie.

    Can somebody force a retraction or at least force them to admit that current commuter trains travel at 50-79mph and admit they made a lie or error? I would like to read them write we are sorry we lied to make the governor look less bad in this matter.

    I shudder to think that now that we have a loud mouth grandstanding republican in the governors office. The white house did send a reprehend basically we are now a read headed step child. The fund were pulled he is not even in office yet.

    But this white house is doing things, old auto plant are being retooled to manufacture electric cars. The GM Freemont California plant and also a GM plant in Delaware are retooling and with stimulus funds. See Tesla and Fisker and then ask why isn’t that in the news?

  3. You are right and I am sorry – I did notice it too re: “Democrats” even tho I knew in my head and to many reading, you’d know who and what I was talking about but it was lazy and I was in a rush – I will leave it but edit it to be more accurate – my apologies to all Democrats, which includes me. 🙂 Thanks for mentioning it.

    I think the PD uses the guise of passion – which it has and should have and is allowed to have – as cover for its doggedness about some topics. I think they let that spill over into editorial decisions that seem to allow for bias to be detected OR at a minimum, implied and then inferred by readers.

    None of that should be okay IF IF IF they’re going to keep pushing the “look how editorially restrained and above board we are esp. compared to non-print writers who dare call themselves journalists.”

    And even without that, it’s just bad form and deceptive and manipulative and free PR.

  4. Jill, you say the Democrats made themselves “easy targets” but not all Democrats did this and they are targets for the Plain Dealer anyway. Meanwhile, John Kasich has in a few scant weeks made himself just about the easiest target in the country — and the Plain Dealer won’t take aim. Anything Kasich has done is far more outrageous than a run-of-the-mill get-together by county council members. Kasich has just taken a giant step to shattering Ohio’s economic future. You are right in pointing out how the paper spins this: Kasich was mule-headed, rigid, and totally irrational on the subject of rail. He wasn’t willing to talk or listen or follow the rules. HE forfeited the money; he gave up rail. But the Plain Dealer is clearly invested in turning around his belligerent behavior into an asset. Incredibly, in an editorial yesterday they referred to him as “flexible,” a quality he most assuredly does NOT possess, simply because he backtracked on his secret website when threatened with a lawsuit.

    Is it just my imagination or has the Plain Dealer become infinitely more unbalanced and biased in the last few weeks, dropping any pretense of being fair? Is this new editor magnitudes worse than Susan Goldberg? If so, this paper can’t go out of business soon enough to suit me, as badly as I’d feel for the reporters, most of whom are only trying to do their jobs for management that has a clear agenda that’s not beneficial to citizens of this area.

  5. It’s wrong, it’s just wrong, and every time they allow something like this to occur, it erodes whatever credibility they gain from other good work that they do. Just as the [Cuyahoga County] Democrats [whose meeting together flouted open meetings rules in fact and in spirit] totally screwed up and made themselves [and their meeting] easy EASY targets and symbols for continued problems with ethics and judgment, the PD is in the same mold when it comes to this kind of presentation.

    And there’s just NO need – unless of course in their mind, there is a need – and that would of course show the bias. They can say it grabs more attention – why? because you are making the US gov’t out to be the bad guy just like everyone wants rather than making the bad guy out to be the one who is actually the bad actor here, John Kasich?

    Spare me.

  6. Shalom Jill,

    My take is that this is very believable and precisely what I would expect from the Plain Republican Corporate Dealer.

    The paper (and by that I mean the ownership/management, not the workers/reporters) long ago ceased to have any interest in readers and is driven solely by the revenues generated by advertisers who are, no great surprise, primarily supporters of the Republican Party.

    I can only take solace in the reality that the paper’s days are numbered and that at some future time it will be reduced to free distribution like a local shopper paper.



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