[video] Fareed Zakaria Takes on Glenn Beck’s “10% of Muslims Are Terrorists” Claim

And really, it is must-see-tv – watch to the very end (and don’t forget, John Boehner still hasn’t gotten the violent radicalization act anywhere – why not? Could it be because of the number of tea party people who do use or advocate the use of violence if necessary to change our government?) :

11 thoughts on “[video] Fareed Zakaria Takes on Glenn Beck’s “10% of Muslims Are Terrorists” Claim

  1. Joe and coeyagi have offered nothing other than a reading of history. How are we to take these statements? Are we as a nation now supposed to change so that we will be more to your liking or is this something as simple as there are a lot of Muslims that are considered extremists and are against America? It would be ignorant to ignore the problems that have been caused by Muslims in this country. Just as it would be ignorant to ignore the good that the Muslim community has brought to America, although the extremists are by far the ones with the most TV coverage.

  2. Village idiot, if you are upset by that fact, you should join the military and be a Christian looking to kill Muslims. I know that’s a little skewed to look at it that way, but that’s how their leaders are framing these wars. You can’t blame a peaceful religion for breeding terrorists, you have to blame the unwillingness (out of fear) of the moderates to get the radicals out. It’s the same as HIV – 0.1% infection rate is manageable, but once it gets to 1% it starts to climb much faster. If the African leaders had the willingness to fight this disease head on when it first started rather than blame the CIA and immoral people, it wouldn’t be a problem.

  3. @ The Village Idiot:
    Ok then, Iraq’s invasion was a terrorist act, with 1 million civilian deaths. There are NO excuses to these deaths except that the US army, TRULY didn’t care, just like terrorists who have a goal, the US army were searching for oil. And if i am correct, the vote in the congress was more than 50%. Which makes half of congressmen and the people they represent terrorists. Now who were “ACTUALLY” in the war? You will find them much more than 1% of americans.

    This is exactly the same logic you applied to believe that there are 1.1 million terrorist muslim.

    But it’s not that way. It’s about ideology, not actions. Ideologies are far more dangerous than actions. Bin Laden is a bigger threat than his minions. Does he have super powers? No, it’s his brain!

    Similarly, the ideologies governing the USA right now, are of twisted nature, and hold very little truth in them. That’s why, to us, if we measure it the way you measure it, you will be all terrorists! But the problem is again in mainstream media.

  4. Well, that makes me feel much better knowing that ONLY 1.1 MILLION people want to kill me, my family and destroy my nation. By the way,… how many did it take to give us the events of 09/11/01? Oh yeah, I remember now, 18. Yeah,… I can sleep real well. Thanks for clearing all that up.

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