So Much Fun With Women’s Issues It Should Be Outlawed

Two sisters are released from prison but only if one will give a kidney to the other, even though neither one has been considered dangerous for how long?

A U.S. Supreme Court Justice argues against the 14th Amendment giving equal protection to women and supports the notion that discrimination can in fact be permissibly legislated against women without violating the U.S. Constitution.

The never-ending issue about the failure of women to be adequately represented in so many industries is at least positively and roundly addressed here.

Governor-elect John Kasich’s women appointees? So far – just one, and I’m not talking Mary Taylor (can you name who it is without looking it up? or at least which position she’ll take?).

Even Republican women on Capitol Hill are fearing that John Boehner will shutdown the very frequented and used lactation suites set up by Nancy Pelosi, after being told that the rumored shutdown won’t happen.

Oh – and let’s not forget that all five of the RNC’s candidates for Chair did not hesitate one nanosecond in saying that they would defund Planned Parenthood.

2011, huh?  Not so much, yet.

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