Please Josh, Stop Overpromising & Just Safeguard & Grow Taxpayers’ Treasury

From the Columbus Dispatch‘s coverage of Lyndhurst native and now Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel’s swearing in:

Mandel, 33, of Lyndhurst in Cuyahoga County, who defeated incumbent Democrat Kevin L. Boyce in the November election, told a packed House chamber that a big part of his focus will be pumping up Ohio’s economy and helping to create jobs.

“A lot of my friends growing up, they’re in Georgia, they’re in Florida, they’re in Arizona. They’re in many other states. … And I want to bring them home.”

If that’s your focus, Josh, then start and lead a nonprofit geared to do that and leave the problems of the state’s treasury – including the pension fund problems and local municipalities’ poor options for decent investments of taxpayer dollars – to someone who actually wants to do that – from day one through the entire four years.  How about focusing on the people who live in Ohio now for a little while first?

Sigh. Maybe the Dispatch did a lousy job in its coverage and another “big part of his focus” will be something more germane to his actual job.  Looking forward to being shown that – by achievement especially.

One thought on “Please Josh, Stop Overpromising & Just Safeguard & Grow Taxpayers’ Treasury

  1. I assume that the eyes of the assembled legislators, Republican and Democratic alike, rolled over at that.

    I attended a State of the State message by former Governor Taft once and all the legislators rolled their eyes at the stuff he said. If Mandel makes a pattern of this, he simply won’t be taken seriously.

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