RIP, Martin Juredine, The Barking Spider owner

Everyone knew Martin. Especially if you were a student at Case Western Reserve University’s law or social work school, both of which were barely 100 yards from the Barking Spider.  Sadly, Martin died this past week after a long illness.  You can read more about Martin and the Spider (especially check out the Coventry Village News piece which has wonderful photos of Martin):

Martin and the Barking Spider
Barking Spider history
Radio Hannibal
Coventry Village News
Earlyjas (Ragtime) news
The Zender Agenda

It opened in 1986, and I arrived in Cleveland in 1988 to attend those graduate schools.  The Spider was a big part of my life for the four years I spent in school, and beyond.  So many memories, embraceable cheap wine hangovers included.  I hope – and I really do think – Martin realized just what an unique and memorable place he’d created. May he be of blessed memory and best to all his loved ones.

One thought on “RIP, Martin Juredine, The Barking Spider owner

  1. Jill, thanks for sharing those memories and for mentioning the post on the Coventry Blog, I’m glad you liked my pics. Jay Levan just added a terrific one to the comments there.

    I wonder now how many times we may have been sitting at adjoining tables way back then before we finally met in person. I think that also says something about Martin, in that the people he attracted were also bound to connect with each other–one giant extended family.

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