Mandel: “I made a mistake…I regret running the ad…”

I have heard Ohio’s new Treasurer, Josh Mandel, mention that he was going to be breaking bread with former Treasurer Kevin Boyce (he mentioned it at his swearing in). Now, in an article that is part of the Washington Post’s series called The Rising, he is quoted as saying that it has in fact happened:

Mandel has stumbled a bit in his meteoric rise. He got some rare but intense negative press during the 2010 race after airing an ad that suggested his opponent was Muslim. The Toledo Blade threatened to take back its endorsement; the Columbus Dispatch said the ad’s reference to a mosque “seems to serve no purpose other than to play on some Americans’ post-9/11 fears of Middle Eastern people and religions.” His hometown paper endorsed the libertarian candidate instead.

“I made a mistake, and I learned from it and put it behind me,” says Mandel now. “I regret running the ad, and I’ve broken bread with my opponent and we’ve both put it behind us.”

I’ve stated my eye-roll reaction to most apologies in the political realm because it’s the behavior that follows the apology that matters most.  That shouldn’t be too hard to observe once Josh launches his next campaign, whatever that may be for and whenever it occurs.

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