Does Running for Office Beat Being in Office? Not for Constituents

The Columbus Dispatch is tweeting & blogging that “State Treasurer Josh Mandel is leaning toward a run for the U.S. Senate in 2012 and will make an announcement this spring.” The backup for that assertion is an attaboy from ORP’s Kevin DeWine on what a “great campaigner” Mandel is and what a “formidable candidate” he would be – no direct quote from Mandel or his spokespeople.

Mandel was sworn into office as Ohio’s Treasurer of State just over 10 weeks ago.

Running for office is tough – no argument from me. And if you don’t do it well (see Martha Coakley and almost Lisa Murkowski as well as Mike Castle), you stun and disappoint and lose.

But when a person who is elected to be a public servant (not to be a great campaigner or a formidable candidate) is lauded first and only in regard to his or her ability to be a candidate, rather than for any accomplishment achieved as a public servant (or for what the individual can and could and will do as a public servant to all Ohioans if elected), well, to say that a focus on being a great candidate is a red flag for someone who thinks they deserve our votes to be a U.S. Senator – and not just run to be one – is a massive understatement.

4 thoughts on “Does Running for Office Beat Being in Office? Not for Constituents

  1. How absurd! He just moved into the treasurer’s office and now starts running for the US Senate. I would think that the state party chair would, instead of giving Mandel encouragement, be inclined to pull him aside and say, “Establish a track record first, Josh.”

    I remember reading once that George Wallace liked campaigning more than serving in office. That appears to be true of Mr. Mandel as well.

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