Today’s Awesome Woman of the Month: Miesha Wilson Headen

I love my writing work.  I almost always get to write about topics I want to write about and that are important and that others are not writing about or writing enough about.  I get to express what I want to about those topics, censored primarily by myself.  And now, I’m at the point in my writing career where I get paid to do all that, even online (I’ll be posting shortly on my latest addition, blogging about the environment as part of the “Moms Clean Air Force”).

So imagine how thrilled I was when (I’m a Contributing Editor there) told me that during March, they’d be running a series called a Month of Awesome Women and I should choose someone in the political sphere.  I made sure that it didn’t have to be someone currently in the Hillary Clinton orbit and pitched the idea that it’s the local women, especially those with kids and families and full-time jobs in addition to city or small town elected offices to tend whom I consider to be awesome.

Once I got the go-ahead, I needed no time to select the subject: Richmond Heights City Councilwoman-at-large, Miesha Wilson Headen, now serving in her first term.  Please take a minute to read, How Suburban Ohio Councilwoman Miesha Headen Got Elected and consider honoring an awesome woman you know, today.  There are still nine days left this month but really, it’s never too late to tell someone how awesome they are – and what they mean to you.

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