Mandel Supports Anti-Choice Legislation Not Even Supported by Ohio Right to Life

If the utter refusal of Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel to acknowledge that his current job demands that he make his feelings publicly known about legislation that will actually affect the work voters elected him to do (for example, SB5) before it demands that he voice his support for a topic over which he has zero control (for example, the anti-woman, unconstitutional “heartbeat bill” that not even the most staunchest of staunch pro-life advocates support) continues one day longer, then that alone is reason enough to reject any argument that he is ready to run for yet another higher elected office, especially in an era when voters want none of this game-playing nonsense.

And, for the record, Mandel’s now-public opposition to supporting legal reproductive health care for women reflects his previous habit of refusing, when running for office, to answer direct questions about such topics and instead, claiming that all he’s interested in is focusing on the goals of whatever his current job happens to be.

Sounds like a phrase emitted when you pull a talking action figure’s string.



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