Appearing on Feagler & Friends Tonight/Sunday

Taped it this morning – many thanks as always for the opportunity. It airs on WVIZ at 8:30pm tonight and 11:30am on Sunday, then on The Ohio Channel on Monday at 2 and 10pm, and again there at 6am. The details:

Newsmaker:  Bill McKeown, Avon landowner—the owner of a landscaping supply business is one of dozens the city of Avon will force to help pay for a planned I-90 interchange at Lear-Nagel Road.  The state of Ohio, the city and the Jacobs Group, owner of several hundred soon-to-be-prime acres, are chipping in money for the project, slated to begin this summer.  City officials want smaller landowners to pay a share too, since their land values will be enhanced.  But owners like McKeown say they’ll fight.

Roundtable:  Brian Tucker, publisher and editorial director, Crain’s Cleveland Business; David Arredondo, vice-chairman, Lorain County Republican Party; Jill Miller Zimon, blogger, Writes Like She Talks.

Avon Interchange—the roundtable continues discussion of the controversy over the tax assessments for the I-90 interchange.

Diebold to Stay—leading maker of ATMs will build its new corporate headquarters somewhere in northeast Ohio.  The company credits the Kasich administration for putting together inducements worth as much as $100-million.  Otherwise, the company may have moved to another state where it has factories.  Diebold has over 1000 employees in the Akron-Canton area.

No Dogs or Smokers Allowed—Cleveland may join a list of American cities banning trans fats from restaurant menus.  Ordinances calling for the trans fat ban and for barring open-air smoking near the entrances to city-owned buildings and in public parks were recently introduced as part of the Healthy Cleveland Initiative.  Trans fats have been implicated in heart disease and obesity.

Compact Fluorescents Return—FirstEnergy is again flipping the switch on a CFL give-away that was a public relations disaster two years ago.  The company is delivering up to six energy-efficient bulbs to customers who ask for them.  Customers are paying for them through a rate increase whether or not they receive bulbs.  Compact fluorescents deliver light at a fraction of the energy cost of incandescent bulbs and they tend to last longer.

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