What Do Jews Do, Passover 2011: “…it’s like crack”

For those who’ve been reading my blog for the last seven years, you may recall my What Do Jews Do series (since then there’s been Purim 2009, Tisha B’av 2009, Passover 2010).  I haven’t added to it much lately, but then my prolific blogging has become far less prolific overall.

But today, I started to post a Facebook update that was just too long and decided to return to the blog to share the sentiments.

So – Passover cooking. It’s in a league of its own.  But Passover baking is yet another category unto itself.  And then, there’s the ultimate challenge: Passover baking for someone whose birthday is during Passover. Ah yes.

Here’s what happened the last time these events – a birthday in my house and Passover – coincided, in 2005:

If the pictures don’t tell you the story clearly enough, there’s the kosher for Passover cake I slaved over, there’s the imprint the cake made on the side of the refrigerator as I smashed the cake into the appliance in order to stop its slide off the cake plate, and there’s the cake as it looked after I smashed it into the side of the refrigerator to stop its slide off the cake plate.  Obviously, my talented move saved the cake for the most part. The frosting and candles? Not so much.

I bring up these memories because in my search this morning for another kosher for Passover birthday cake recommendation, I came across this great compendium of flourless dessert recipes for Passover at Smitten Kitten. And in there, as the blog author’s post comes to a close, I found a description that confirmed what my family and Passover guests have known for years:

“But I saved the show-stopped for last, because I like melodrama. And stuff. So drum roll…. Chocolate Caramelized Matzo Candy, adapted from Marcy Goldman’s A Passion for Baking. I made this stuff a couple years ago with Saltine crackers–but matzo can easily be swapped–and I seriously have not been able to make it since because it’s like crack. [Update: Come get your Chocolate Caramelized Crack(ers) over here!]”

Oh. My. Moses. SO TRUE – evil evil evil stuff – go make some (here’s the recipe in my posts but Smitten Kitten’s links will take you to versions too). I couldn’t find any photos of my batches through the years – we probably devoured the stuff before I could get any.  But here’s the final product (except without the blurriness for increasing the photo size):

Now, if only I could make a cake out of it…

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