Tell Them NO NOW: Ohio’s Republican-Led Legislature Set to GUT, Eliminate Nearly All Gifted Education Funding

And not just funding, but, literally, any trace of literal or figurative support for there to even be gifted education in Ohio.  The current version of legislation being considered by the Ohio House will almost completely eviscerate any and all acknowledgment that students with such educational needs even exist: it guts the requirement that our state even identify children as having this category of educational need – and potential.


Who would propose, support and vote for people who would gut even the requirement to asses kids’ specific learning needs, at all – regardless of what end of the learning spectrum they are on?

Please. Read this advocacy alert and save our students and state. Barely 10 years ago, when Bob Taft was in office, this state showed great vision and understanding of the role these students play in Ohio’s future – and the role Ohio should play in these students future.

If Governor Kasich, House Speaker William Batchelder and Senate President Tom Niehaus, and other  Republican recipients of for-profit charter school money (a movement which potentially may be receiving these literally tens of millions of dollars being completely pulled from gifted education) get their way, these students’ future will be erased as ever having been a priority – high, low, or anywhere in between.

Find and contact your legislators now.

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