In May 2011, Male Voter Still Thinks Male Candidate Can Do Better Job Than Female

And his chosen candidate in the primary is about to face a woman (the excellent Hollie Hinton, the Strickland administration’s director of women’s outreach and initiatives).  Lovely.

From the Chillicothe Gazette:

While many Republican voters stayed home on Tuesday, a few came out to the polls, including Dave Smalley, who was torn about how to vote.

Smalley voted for Everson, but said the decision was difficult. He said he liked Eallonardo’s ideas, but couldn’t cast his ballot for the female candidate.

“I wanted to vote for her but I voted for him,” he said. “Right now, I think a guy could do a better job … We need somebody, hopefully, who will be more firm in decision making.”

Mr. Smalley (and everyone else) should listen to The Civic Commons radio program this weekend that features three of Ohio’s girl politicians. Sigh.

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