All Politics Are Local, But Only Some Politicians Are Women

Miesha Headen, Richmond Heights City Council Member (at-large) and Theresa Allen, Blanchard Township Trustee (First female trustee in the history of her county – unbelievable in 2011) beat me hands down with sound bits – that darn I’m so long-winded thing. How’d I ever get this far?

Listen to the entire podcast (I’m just doing it now) here or tomorrow on 88.7 (WJCU).

[And for those who do listen? Dan corrects me and then I correct myself on the children statement – pick up your jaw and you’ll hear it, okay? Good.]

Really honored to be on with these two women. And, I should say, I hope I never have to run against either of them – they are tough.

Also many thanks to Dan Moulthrop and the crew at Civic Commons.  Please keep doing what you’re doing.

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