Reality Check: Gillibrand & Mandel both in office for five years


This occurred to me as I was following the incredible leadership that U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D, NY) has been showing in her support of Kathy Hochul in the NY-26 congressional race. Money quote:

“Gillibrand’s support should bode well for Hochul, if Gloria Steinem’s introduction is any indication. “Like Bella Abzug and Shirley Chisholm before her, she doesn’t hold her finger to the wind,” Steinem said. “She is the wind.”

This year, Gillibrand is running to win her seat for a full six-year term, while newly elected Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel filed papers, less than three months into his latest job, to run for office for the fifth time in seven years, and for the fourth different position.

People – though not usually me – like to shove business templates over government structures.  So, what would business say about an applicant whose resumé details someone who can’t stop looking for the next job, and in fact, excels at job hunting, but has noticeably short tenures in previous positions?

I just cannot get over how incredibly, remarkably and demonstrably different the tenures of two elected officials, both seeking six-year terms in the U.S. Senate, can be over the exact same number of years in office.  (I’m not even throwing in that Gillibrand was pregnant with and gave birth to her youngest child of two during her time in the U.S. House.)


2 thoughts on “Reality Check: Gillibrand & Mandel both in office for five years

  1. I went to Josh Mandel’s WIkiPedia page the other day, which I ended up editing to acknowledge the high-profile controversy during the campaign over his “mosque” ad. The page was clearly written from a fan-boy point of view, overemphasizing his military service and adding peripheral trivia to inflate the magnitude of his electoral victories. Given that, I was particularly shocked to see how skimpy the sections on his positions and in-office record were. The most embarrassing and perplexing thing was that it emphasized that he voted AGAINST a bill that would have controlled cockfighting because he claimed he felt we should be focusing on jobs instead. Other than the fact that a yes vote would have taken no more time from considering jobs than a no vote, what baffles me is why then has he not only presented no jobs legislation but hasn’t even publicly taken a position on any. Yet he HAS taken an extremist position in favour of the “heartbeat” bill — which creates no jobs.

    Not in Gillibrand’s league for sure.

  2. There is clearly something wrong with the way Republicans think. It going to be a long time before I vote for one, especially for statewide office. They (Republicans) do not work for me nor have ever worked for me since I am not rich.

    I would say something more, but am trying to tone down my vitriole.

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