Two Women, One Winner: Watching Results for NY-26, Corwin v. Hochul

I confess – I’ve been really addicted to the upstate Western NY special election that is culminating this evening.  It seeks to provide a replacement for disgraced former House Republican, Chris Lee – last seen without his shirt on in a cellphone photo.

I’ve written a post about it for BlogHer (you can read it here) and there are a lot of great links about the predictions, the tamping down of expectations, and where to watch live coverage this evening.My favorite part of this race, however, has been that I have not read a single article, tweet or blog post about what they look, how much they weigh, how many kids they have or anything else that isn’t about the issues or about how they’ve run their campaigns.  Personally, I think Jane Corwin (R) comes off as a whiner while Kathy Hochul (D) seems to just stay on message.  But that’s my perspective.

Corwin has ALREADY gotten an injunction on the tallying in anticipation of how close the race will be.  Another report has it that the NRCC’s Pete Sessions (of Texas) has given warnings about her “dim” prospects for winning.  And another says turnout in the Democratic-leaning Erie County that includes Rochester has been heavy.

We shall see…

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