TIME Magazine on Charter School Smackdown, Ohio Included

Read the whole thing, “Backlash: Are These End Times For Charter Schools?” but here’s a teaser:

Meanwhile in Ohio — a state with a troubled charter school sector since their legislation was passed in 1997 —Republicans are trying to weaken oversight and accountability, preferring to leave these issues to the marketplace. It’s a surprising strategy because most analysts agree that oversight is in large part to blame for the mixed record of charter schools in that state. Many Ohio charter school advocates are fighting the proposed changes, but are facing an uphill battle.

Just to reiterate: there are, we know there are examples, in Ohio, of very good & excellent nonprofit charter schools. It is the pay to play for-profit operators that have successfully seduced, with its millions of dollars given to primarily Republican politicians and get a pass to literally write and re-write Ohio’s laws to favor their bottom line, with our tax dollars, that upend, besmirch and embarass those of us who want to support the array of ways in which kids’ educational needs can be met – and should be met.

More on how awfully these schools perform in Ohio, just three days ago in the ABJ.  There are so many moves made by people elected to take care of ALL Ohioans that make me feel outraged – and I am one of the luckiest Ohioans.

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