Ohio SOS Husted rules no more pre-checks for candidates/petitioners?!

UPDATE: I found one article on it with some numbers re: the prevalence of the practice (so-so). I’m surprised to read that it’s interpreted as being a Democratic thing to not want them and a Republican thing to want them.  Frankly, I would think that the kind of challenges that could go on, post-deadline, are a real pain and easily avoided when you do allow for pre-checks. I used the pre-check system when I ran in 2009 and I was grateful for it. I hope other electeds/former candidates weigh in on this. Am I missing something?

UPDATEx2: The decision about Summit County was made around April 26. The article states that Husted’s spokeperson, Matt McClellan, indicated that there was not a plan to issue a directive, but obviously that changed sometime between April 26 and June 10.  Hmm.

Original post:

Was this ever in the news? I must have missed it if it was but wow – I am really dismayed.  The main issue that come up for me, which was something that I could not ascertain with any certainty, was when someone would sign my petition, didn’t show up on the CD-Rom list of names that I had, but yet there were 50 or more people born in the year 1900 on the CD-Rom and clearly not still live, Pepper Pike voters. I.e., I knew that the list that I’d bought from the BOE definitely had problems on it – so just because a name of someone who signed my petition didn’t show up on it, that didn’t mean that the person wasn’t a registered voter in Pepper Pike.  I had the adult son of friends sign the petition. His name didn’t show up on the list, but he also wasn’t registered to vote here, even though he was living at that moment with his parents.  I learned through the pre-check that his name was not an eligible one.

In other words, candidates/petitioners have limited means for checking names, while the BOE have all the means for checking names.  If there’s no pre-check, there’s also less time to challenge those that are thrown off, which could lead to the candidate/petitioner not getting on the ballot.

Husted should have commensurately made sure that limits of how many names are collected be removed, since his elimination of pre-check increases the likelihood that more invalid names than ever before might wind up on our petitions.

I’m particularly shocked, as an elected myself, to not have heard anything about this from any source whatsoever.

Due process – public notice – fairness anyone?

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