RIP, Betty Ford & Some Resources to Learn More

No shortage of coverage, thank goodness, of the life and death of Betty Ford, former First Lady to Gerald Ford’s president, 1974-1977Spiro Agnew’s resignation and Richard Nixon’s resignation were seminal political events in my life, very much as Gerald Ford, the pardon of Nixon and Chevy Chases’ Ford-inspired pratfalls were too.

I’m devouring everything that’s being published about Mrs. Ford and I hope I can find this 1987 telepic in which one of my favorite actresses, Gena Rowlands, plays Mrs. Ford and won an Emmy for it.  Here’s a few less conventional items you may not have read yet regarding Betty Ford and her contributions to this country and our lives:

A Slideshow of Betty Ford’s life

CBS Sunday Morning tribute to her, in video, from this morning

Biography from the National First Ladies Library in Canton, Ohio

Betty Ford Biography from the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Foundation links to her autobiography, The Times of My Life and A Glad Awakening

Connie Schultz’s column today, “Betty Ford set the standard for women who followed”

Joanne Bamberger (author of Mothers of Intention): Betty Ford: Stealth Feminist and Role Model

RH Reality Check: “How Betty Ford’s Death Illustrates What Has Been Lost in Our Political Culture”

(Notes on) Politics, Theory & Photography: “What We Can Learn From Republicans

The Betty Ford Center 

2 thoughts on “RIP, Betty Ford & Some Resources to Learn More

  1. I didn’t know there was a National First Ladies Library, let alone in Canton! Very cool. I wonder if it’s hard for most 20 somethings to imagine how ground breaking her candid admissions about her addictions were at the time. One might say a First Lady might feel braver than others, but in reality, it almost seems braver to me. And her support for ERA and Choice, not her husband’s party’s view (not sure about his, I can’t remember if he weighed in, although he always said she was her own person and he was proud of her, a feat in and of itself).
    Thanks for the list!

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