Thoughts on Debt Ceiling & Deficit Reduction Talks

Does anyone know what Speaker of the US House of Representatives John Boehner of Ohio has done lately for Ohio? I have no idea – do you? What’s the point of having an Ohioan rise to anything of significance if we can’t feel that there’s some benefit to it?  Pride is nice but is it creating jobs? Is it protecting our natural assets? Is it helping people stave off property value declines and foreclosures?

The other striking thing about all the articles on the debt ceiling negotiations tangled with deficit reduction talks is the litany of men involved. How many times must we go over just how detrimental that is even to the process, let alone the outcome?  From today’s Politico Playbook entry:

…the President and the Vice President will meet with Congressional Leadership in the Cabinet Room to discuss the ongoing efforts to find a balanced approach to deficit reduction. Timing for the meeting is TBD. There will be a pool spray at the top of the meeting. Expected attendees include: Speaker John Boehner; Senator Harry Reid, Majority Leader; Senator Mitch McConnell, Republican Leader; Representative Nancy Pelosi, Democratic Leader; Representative Eric Cantor, Majority Leader; Senator Dick Durbin, Majority Whip; Senator Jon Kyl, Republican Whip; Representative Steny Hoyer, Democratic Whip.

Which is no better than the cast of folks who will be at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Jobs Summit, also noted on Playbook today:

General Electric CEO Joins Donohue for U.S. Chamber’s Second Annual Jobs Summit: Chamber to Release Quarterly Small Business Outlook Survey as More Than 300 Executives Discuss Factors Influencing Job Creation … Jeffrey Immelt, CEO, General Electric; Thomas J. Donohue, President and CEO, U.S. Chamber of Commerce; Bruce Josten, Executive Vice President of Government Affairs, U.S. Chamber of Commerce; Bill Miller, Senior Vice President of Political Affairs and Federation Relations, U.S. Chamber of Commerce; Stan Anderson, Managing Director, U.S. Chamber Campaign for Free Enterprise; Barry Jackson, Chief of Staff, Office of House Speaker John Boehner; David Krone, Chief of Staff, Office of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid; Dan Mehan, Missouri Chamber President and CEO; Carol Haney, Vice President of Public Affairs and Policy, Harris Interactive…

In each of those lists, just one female – one.

Did you read the piece in the New York Times Magazine yesterday about former FDIC head, Sheila Bair and what she went through being a lone woman in her position?

In the truly immortal words of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, known for pointing out the need for women to compose far more than any token number where decision making goes on:

How many women is enough, Diane Sawyer asks, to be on the Supreme Court and make it the right number of women?  Ginsburg, unflappable, says, irretractably, nine.  Nine women.  Noting that for nearly two hundred years there were nine men – why not nine women?

Why not? Whether it’s the debt and deficit talks, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce or SCOTUS.

Damn we take a long time to evolve.

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