Fresh Water Cleveland Likes Blogs – and Cleveland, How About THAT!?

I can’t say I blame them, but I also have to say that they’ve turned me toward local blogs I’ve never heard of before. Many thanks to Fresh Water Cleveland, whose managing editor is Douglas Trattner, known to locals and regionals from his many years of writing about NE Ohio.

I only came to know of Fresh Water because I saw their URL in my site traffic information, so I tracked back to it and tabbed it as something to look at this week (this crazy busy week).  Then, before I could do that, I saw it in my traffic again today – but this post, “they heart cle: a city’s biggest fans are often the bloggers,” was why! I’m really pleased to be mentioned, and I’m more pleased to read about area blogs I didn’t know about. And I also love that it is a positive look at how blogs enrich our region. Thank you, very much.

Here’s the review of WLST (after the jump):

Blog name: Writes Like She Talks

The Gist: Jill Miller Zimon reports on the day’s hottest political topics, from the proposed Cuyahoga County suburb merger to John Boehner’s Ohio influence to Presidential politics. Having lived in the area for more than 20 years, Zimon views all topics through a Northeast Ohio lens. But her unflinching eye for feminist and environmental issues gives these pages a definitive voice.

The Deets: Zimon updates frequently, as often as four or five times a week. Her entries are peppered with videos, links, and quotes, and plenty of her own commentary. Zimon’s occasional humorous tidbits shimmer like rare jewels amid the serious business. She’s been writing like she talks since 2005.

Quotable: On the additions of hosts Christiane Amanpour and Candy Crowly to the Sunday morning political talk show line up: “Better than five old white guys for sure. Now, if only we could do better with the guests.”

Don’t Miss: Zimon’s Moms Clean Air Force posts monitor the pulse of today’s environmental issues with respect to how they will affect our kids’ futures.

And please – go check out all the blogs listed here.

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