Elizabeth Warren & GOP’s Huff over CFPB: “That’s Not How Democracy Works”

Watch the whole thing – it’s worth it, but at a minimum, watch from the 2:15 mark on:


Senator Shelby and others who were his allies did not want any consumer agency at all. And if it absolutely was the case politically that there had to be one, they wanted some weak agency that couldn’t get anything done. We had that fight and then we had a straight-up vote on it…That side lost…And here we stand, a year later with the minority saying ‘I don’t like how that came out. I think I have the capacity to stick a stick in the spokes, unless the majority will do what the minority wants it to do.’ That’s not how democracy works.

Sadly, very sadly, I know from experience exactly what that’s like.

2 thoughts on “Elizabeth Warren & GOP’s Huff over CFPB: “That’s Not How Democracy Works”

  1. Cordray is a nice second pick and may have an easier time getting confirmed. However, there are times I wish Obama would take on the GOP. If the republicans are going to block any nominee unless changes are made in the law, why not go for broke and nominate Warren.

  2. Indeed. All political decisions are made with an eye on how it sets things up for the next series of decisions. I’m a big fan of Elizabeth Warren, having first seen her several years ago on the UC/Berkeley program “Conversations with History” (which can still be watched on their website). I wouldn’t classify her as either liberal or conservative, but rather as reasonable and realistic. I quote her work often in talks I give about public school economics.

    But yes, this brand of politics we seem to practice seems to suppress the opportunity to recruit really good folks into government service.

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