Appearance on Tonight’s Feagler & Friends

The description of the show is below. You can watch tonight on WVIZ at 8:30pm or on Sunday at 11:30am.  See more options here. They usually put up the video of the entire show around the end of the week. I’ll post it when it’s available too.

Roundtable:  Bob Dyer, columnist, Akron Beacon Journal; Harry Boomer, reporter, 19 Action News; Jill Miller Zimon, blogger, Writes Like She Talks. 

Sowell Case—defense attorneys surprised the legal community this week when they chose to introduce no witnesses in the Cleveland trial of accused serial killer Anthony Sowell.  Their decision came despite billing the court $600-thousand for their expenses as court-appointed attorneys.  The defense hoped to make a favorable impression on the jury in closing arguments with the claim that police had failed to prove Sowell committed the murders.

Akron School Mom Begs for Mercy—Kelley Williams-Bolar asked the state parole board to erase a felony conviction from her record because it prevents her getting a future teaching job.  Williams-Bolar served nine days in jail for sending her children to the Copley-Fairlawn schools when the family lived in Akron.  She took elaborate steps to cover up the family’s true residency, but her attorney says she’s suffered enough.

Kasich Down in New Poll—Governor Kasich’s job approval numbers fell to a new low in a poll published this week by Quinnipiac University. 35 per cent of voters surveyed approve of the job he’s doing, down from 38 per cent two months ago.
The same poll showed a widening gap between voters who back Senate Bill 5 and the majority who would vote for its repeal.

Banning Bath Salts—Willoughby Hills joined a growing list of American cities forbidding the sale of “bath salts.” City officials say they acted to protect children who’ve been using the substance to get a cocaine-like high.  These bath salts are not to be confused with the aromatic stuff people like to use in their whirlpools.  They’re actually synthetic drugs whose popularity is recent.

A Real Skyline Drive—how about that Cleveland skyline?  Now that the monolithic Cold Storage building has been demolished, I-71 and I-90 drivers have a best-ever view of downtown Cleveland.  We’ll see before and after shots.

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