Oh Yea! Ohio is Poster Child for Problems of For-Profit Charter Schools!

From the Indianapolis Star article, “Can private companies turn around failing schools?”

So why do states consider this [for-profit charter schools] route? Mathis said it’s good politics.

“It’s pretty much across the board that these things do not work, but that doesn’t keep them from being politically popular in some places,” he said. “It looks like, ‘By golly, we’re going to show them. We’re going to get tough.’ ”

He and other critics say Indiana doesn’t need to look far to see some of the problems. In Ohio, the state and 10 schools are suing a for-profit charter school operator, White Hat Management, complaining that the schools are failing and the company won’t account for how it has spent the $230 million in taxpayer funds it has received.

MAKE THEM RUN THE OTHER WAY, MITCH! And listen to your own:

Dale Chu, assistant superintendent for policy at the Indiana Department of Education, said Indiana has learned from the experiences of other states and won’t make the mistakes of trying to do too much too fast, as happened in Philadelphia, or fail [sic] to keep state oversight, as appears to have happened in Ohio.

Total ugh.

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