Write, Call Your Congressional Delegation re: Debt Ceiling Vote

I have no worries about my Congressional Rep., Marcia Fudge (D, OH-11) or U.S. Senator, Sherrod Brown, when it comes to the debt ceiling. But I did just write freshman Senator Rob Portman.  You can too – just go here for Sen. Portman or here for how to reach all members of Congress.

Dear Senator Portman,

I have lived in Ohio for more than 20 years. I am engaged in my community and nationally when it comes to political issues and other causes.  I have run for and won office (2009, Pepper Pike City Council, though I am not writing on behalf of my City at this time).

So I appreciate the need to govern and the demands of different constituencies.

I saw you on Andrea Mitchell’s 1pm show yesterday (Monday, 7/25) and I appreciate your calm affect.  I am urging you to apply your calmness beyond just your affect and to the position of your Republican colleagues in the House and Senate: please demand, work toward and vote for either a clean debt ceiling increase now, or seek to construct with Sen. Reid what can be passed by the Senate, the House and signed by the President.

This is no time to care about or consider currying favor with the base of either political party, a number which pales in comparison to the total population of the United States, all of whom will suffer in some way – and some far more than others – should the U.S. be unable to cover its obligations.

Again, as a sitting city councilperson in a community that many would think should have no financial problems but sadly due to never thinking that even Pepper Pike cannot plan only for best case scenarios, I understand the passion with which different electeds come at the problems you’re facing.

But those of us outside the Beltway are begging for balance and to be heard.  Please hear the needs of the multitudes who do not affiliate with any party and find a way to raise the debt ceiling as was done so many times while you yourself were at the OMB.

Very truly yours,

Jill Miller Zimon, JD, MSSA
Pepper Pike City Council Member

4 thoughts on “Write, Call Your Congressional Delegation re: Debt Ceiling Vote

  1. Worker b, I’ve tried for two days now to make sense of your comment, and I have to admit I’m incapable of it. Do you not like the idea that some people who don’t affiliate with any party may NOT be attracted to Tea Party principles? That the TP may not be the best alternative to the R’s and D’s? I have a feeling I’m missing your point entirely. Can you expound on why Jill is being “fundamentally dishonest?” (I would genuinely like to know, not an attack.)

  2. I am not sure why think I am trying to represent the multitudes who do not affiliate w/any party but given that you have left this comment anonymously, you appear to have a problem representing yourself. The existence of multitudes of unaffiliated is because of the distaste for the partisan. My exhortation that he remember and listen to voters who aren’t part of a base has nothing to do w/where I am on the spectrum. It’s simple electoral reality for an elected.

  3. It’s hilarious to see you trying to represent “the multitudes who do not affiliate with any party,” Jill. This type of fundamental dishonesty on the left (and the established right) is precisely what makes a true grassroots movement such as the Tea Party so refreshing to so many Americans.

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