Yea yea yea – Clinton The Hysterical, 2008, Now Bachmann The Rage, 2011

Just tell me – did ya slam The New Republic when they put this on their cover in April 2008:

Because if ya didn’t, I’m not feeling much empathy for your complaining now about this Newsweek cover of Michelle Bachmann:

Feel sorry for Newsweek that this is what they’re doing for traffic. Or they have lousy photogs.  Or they won’t pay for decent portraits. Or maybe this is what Bachmann gave them. I don’t know – I haven’t researched the backstory yet so if you know, feel free to enlighten.  But again, if the hysterical Hillary didn’t bother you, you’ve got nothing to complain about with the Bachmann cover.

6 thoughts on “Yea yea yea – Clinton The Hysterical, 2008, Now Bachmann The Rage, 2011

  1. I honestly don’t think that this photo makes her look crazy. I don’t really understand the fuss, she looks pretty normal to me.

    I would expect more outrage over the title of the article, Queen of Rage. Really?!?

  2. Thanks for the comments. I have read that a lot of people feel that she really does look that way – but I keep thinking, well – that’s what we’ve seen published as far as what she looks like – I’ve not seen her in person. But even more so, during Thursday night’s debate? She didn’t look like that even once. So…regardless of whether the magazines are widely read or not, I still think the matter of what the media decides to publish is relevant. I guess we’ll have to keep watching and checking it out.

  3. Honestly…who the heck reads either of those magazines? Newsweek has become a left leaning rag ever since the 90s and the New Republic has always been a right wing Political magazine! The New Republic does NOT call itself a new magazine as does Newsweek! Keep apples and oranges separated….didn’t you learn that in grade school??

  4. This is really what she looks like…I think that says it all! God help us if she runs for President. Does she remind anyone of the Stepford Wives?

  5. Yes, that is exactly what Michele Bachmann looks like every time she appears on TV to spew nonsense. Her eyes always bug out of her head. She is still saying that the reason the U.S. was downgraded was BECAUSE we raised the debt ceiling! She thought we would NOT default if we didn’t raise the debt ceiling and she would never admit that the reason we were downgraded was because of her and her crazy tea party colleagues fighting everything that Barack Obama wanted to do.

  6. HOnestly it looks like almost any picture I have seen if her in the past that’s just her face! Everyone remember her rebuttal speech where she stated strangely off camera the whole time? How about every speech she has ever made like say the one recent one about letting the debt ceiling situation falter cause it would have no effect in us? She is crazy and her looks match the crazy an irresponsible rhetoric she spews on an almost daily bases. That should be what the article is a out really not how crazy her face looks

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