Iowa Republican Debate Review

When I wrote about June’s New Hampshire debate, I wrote that answering the question of what I want in a candidate has two parts: first, the policy part, and second, the competency part. Neither takes precedence over the other in any absolute way, but I defined the competency piece as going “…to overall experience, dedication, integrity, sincerity, thoughtfulness, consistency and respect for all voters, not just the ones that will vote you in, once you are in office.”

Last night? During the Iowa debate with eight Repubican candidates? (Review the live-blog of the Iowa GOP debate here, the entire debate video here or the debate’s transcript here.) I can honestly say that listening to what they had to say made me feel as though former Utah governor and ambassador to China, Jon Huntsman, was the only one who had a clue that being president means making decisions for hundreds of millions of people who didn’t pick you.

But wait there’s more – here at my full post on BlogHer.

2 thoughts on “Iowa Republican Debate Review

  1. Scott – being a city councilperson who has objected to the presentation of cutting money that wasn’t yet spent or in a budget, I completely understand what you’re saying. Do I agree that everyone is fooled? No. I also have some skepticism about S&P but changing the narrative about their importance is another long-term topic.

    Thanks for commenting.

  2. Are you aware that during the recent debt “crisis” there were no spending cuts being proposed by either side of the aisle?

    I’m sure this happens every year, but our electeds have used propaganda to trick the American people. the “cuts” they were talking about were taken from a proposed budget, not a real budget.

    I’ve read comment after comment on media websites with Americans cursing Americans over the draconian budget cuts being made, all a waste of our time and emotions.

    The final product, which led to our credit downgrade, raises spending by a trillion dollars over this year, which I believe is a 27% increase.

    It just floors me that all of the bloggers and comments I read seem to have believed the propaganda. Not so with S&P, evidently.

    good video explanation:

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