CNN Poll: Female GOP Voters Abandon Bachmann & Palin for Perry

That’s of course assuming that they ever were in the Michele Bachmann for president or Sarah Palin for president columns in the first place. From the CNN poll (click on the image to enlarge):

What’s most curious about this reality is how often those affiliated with the tea party have tried to suggest that women have a big place and a big role in that party.  But if your women aren’t supporting the women candidates, what’s that all about? When asked directly to describe the difference between Bachmann and Perry, conservative media personality Dana Loesch suggests it’s an electability issue related to the odds of governors versus representatives in this clip. She implies that Perry is a better bet than Bachmann.

I’ll be interested to see how conservative female pundits break this down and organizations like The New Agenda review and analyze the data.

Hattip to today’s The Fix digest because it was the absence of this kind of look at the female conservative vote that made me wonder, what’s going on with the female conservative vote, and then compelled me to look deeper into the poll (which you can do for yourself here).

Paging American Princess, Emily Zanotti.

And FYI: When CNN asks the question without Palin in the mix? Bachmann gains just 4% in the women, but Perry gains 7% (taking his advantage from 13% ahead of Bachmann to 16% ahead of her with women voters).  It’s on page 7 of the pdf.  The CNN companion article makes slight reference to the gender vote issue.

8 thoughts on “CNN Poll: Female GOP Voters Abandon Bachmann & Palin for Perry

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  3. Well – I was not aware of anything related to that at TMV and I do respect Joe but this is my blog so…you know, until I decide I can’t take you anymore or you otherwise go over the line in some way, you are welcome to battle with me here. 🙂 Some at TMV certainly don’t think of me as patient or generous so you know, a little flattery never hurts either.

  4. Also, thanks, and I find it amusing, that you mentioned me at the TMV post. I have been kicked off that blog for … basically … disagreeing with Joe Gandelman. So, you are patient and generous to put up with a disagreeable lesser intellect such as myself.

  5. With the caveat that I am not expert re voter behavior, I believe this:

    1. Tea Partiers biggest issue is reducing the size and scope of government (for Tea Partiers: other issues lag far behind the issue of reducing the size and scope of government)
    2. for those who are most concerned with reducing the size and scope of government: Perry is the most attractive candidate.

    Perry has an 11 year record of running a limited government in a very large state with a very large economy (if Texas were a nation, it would have the 12th largest economy in the world. For instance, Texas GDP is larger than France’s). Next to Perry, Palin and Bachmann are inexperienced, unproven, and less dependable and stable. Perry, Palin, and Bachmann all have good energy; all are good speakers and campaigners. Therefore, given that all are approx. equal in other areas: experience and track record win. If Bachmann has been governor of Texas for 11 years of economic excellence, then Bachmann would be leading the polls.

    IMO. In my inexpert opinion.

  6. I see how you are looking at it, yes. Good points to mention. But what do you make of the fact that such a percentage of the women who are voting are going for Perry, period, as opposed to how each candidate does with men v. women (which is indeed the gender gap most often studied – I apologize for not being more clear about that distinction)?

  7. In the poll results, women: support Palin more strongly than men; support Bachmann less strongly than men; support Perry less strongly than men.

    I think this is consistent with women Tea Partiers having minds of their own, i.e. consistent with women Tea Partiers refusing to march in lockstep vis a vis gender and political support — INCLUDING being consistent with Christian Tea Party women believing women are just as suited to be in power as are men. To me, the poll results are refreshing and positive.

  8. Two factors here, IMO.
    1. Likeability: Perry has it over both of the women. Never “misunderestimate” the charm of the West Texas good ol’ boy. Both Bachmann and Palin have other likeability attributes, some of them such as physical attractiveness which are rooted in sexism, but Perry has the charm.
    2. In a religious fundamentalist constituency, where the embedded belief system favors men as leaders everywhere from head of the family to head of the nation, it’s hardly surprising that women as well as men would prefer the male candidate– Bachmann’s disingenuous attempts to persuade voters that the Biblically justified order for wives to be submissive to their husbands simply means “respect” notwithstanding. Bachmann’s rendition of R-E-S-P-E-C-T and Aretha’s are clearly different!

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