Writes Like She Tumbles

I do a lot of micro-blogging these days – posting tweets (@jillmz) and sharing links to articles and other information via Facebook.  Although I love this blog and blogging, I’m finding it nearly impossible to make the time it takes to post the way I like to, for purposes of a blog.

Enter Writes Like She Tumbles: In the right sidebar, you can see a widget that links to the Writes Like She Talks Tumblr account (which you can visit here if you don’t click on the widget hyperlinks).  In addition, I’ve created a page on this blog (see here; it’s also reachable from the link in the top of this blog) that displays a list of my Tumblr’d items. (That page does not appear to work on the iPad right now.)

I’ve included a Disqus mechanisim for leaving comments at Writes Like She Talks at Tumblr so that conversation about the linked items can continue to occur.

I’ve explored some WordPress themes that include post format code to allow Tumblr-like posting from within the WordPress blog, but so far, none of them really look anything like what I would want. And…I’ve really run out of time trying to find something.

So – for those who miss the days when I used to post 5-10 entries, keep an eye on, follow and strike up a conversation at the Tumblr account. Or not.

And if you’re a Tumblr with advice, leave it in the comments or email me.

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