Ohio Redistricting: See Your City in the Proposed Map

Just submitted to the Plain Dealer:

Thank you for providing the online interactive map of the proposed Congressional districts which was passed by the Ohio House this week. It is shameful that the chair of the House committee that was responsible for creating the map did not make it or something similar available at the same time they released what they did. I have “read” HB 319 and it is incomprehensible unless you know your home’s census tract number or how to find those and then suffer through finding that information within HB 319.  No voter should be required to have to do that in order to figure out who may represent them in the U.S. House of Representatives.  The so-called leaders who have chosen to pursue redistricting in this way clearly define public service in an extremely narrow and exclusionary manner.  Their actions undermine all that so many other elected officials do to instill trust in government. As a fellow elected official (Pepper Pike City Council), I am angry and disappointed.

I should also mention that I called Ohio House Rep. Matt Huffman’s office on Wednesday and asked for a map that would show voters where there city is vis a vis the old and proposed congressional district maps. I have yet to get any kind of reply.

I am a garden variety Democratic, but if there is one way to make sure that a voter who sees himself or herself as an independent never supports you, refusing to let them know who is going to represent them and refusing to give them a say in how you think they should be divvied out, it’s how Huffman and others have abused the system in this task of redistricting. I’ll stop there since have some work to do that actually relates to serving all of the public – not just the ones who vote for me.

3 thoughts on “Ohio Redistricting: See Your City in the Proposed Map

  1. Looked at it in more detail. Looks like a big mess. People who vote for Dems needed to vote but didn’t.

    People need to vote this November.

    Completely ridiculous.

  2. For what it’s worth (and I suspect “not much” but anyway) the person/office in charge of redistricting may not have an employee with the relevant skills for creating an online map.

    However, if they don’t have somebody who can work with maps in a GIS in order to create a “before” and “after” map, that’s pretty sad.

    (And if they DO have somebody with THAT basic capability, that person OUGHT to be able to drop that data into a Google Maps compatible file…)

  3. The R’s don’t even serve the people who voted for them. Please see SB 5. They don’t serve the public but they do serve publicly traded companies, (big biz), and themselves ONLY.They are the very definition of mean, nasty and selfish. I feel like “we” are living in a version of “The Lord of the Flies”.

    I know, Jill you have to be nice because you are an elected official (I hope you go for higher office), but I don’t have to be at all.

    It bothers me terribly that people didn’t vote so now we get even more garbage than before.

    We deserve better; they get and give us worse. I am not nothing nor nobody, but I don’t need them to remind me that that is how they think about me.

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