Help stop the TRAIN Act

There’s an awful lot of news grabbing attention this week but in that bustle, please do not ignore or lose sight of the TRAIN Act which needs to be defeated in the U.S. House tomorrow. The threat to us is so strong that even the Obama administration has threatened to veto it if it makes it through Congress.

The TRAIN (Transparency in Regulatory Analysis of Impacts on the Nation) Act would “…mandate new interagency economic analyses of EPA rules and delay two major air pollution regulations by years.”

You can read a lot more about how foreboding it is in any one of these posts:

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Mom’s Clean Air Force has a petition on its own site which you can support by going here, and there is also a TRAIN Act petition up on the Care2 petition site. With a Friday morning deadline before the House votes, please go read the petition and consider signing and sharing it, through tomorrow morning.

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