Occupy Wall Street Comes To Occupy Cleveland

Will it occupy you?

More here at #occupycleveland’s official site (that’s the hashtag for it btw) and here (that’s the Google blog search results for “occupy cleveland”).

UPDATE: Here’s a video with Cleveland participants including well-known civil rights lawyer Terry Gilbert talking about the effort.  They say they will be there in Public Square through the weekend with a rally on Saturday.  Anyone know if they’ll be having a meal on Friday before Kol Nidre and a break fast on Saturday night when Yom Kippur ends? Interesting juxtaposition of timing.

2 thoughts on “Occupy Wall Street Comes To Occupy Cleveland

  1. Hi Jill – saw you had ‘liked’ a story on Pam Spaulding’s FB site and thought I’d come over here and see what you were up to. Been a long time! Good to see you’re keeping (very) busy. I landed up back in the Federal government and currently work as a public affairs official for the VA hospital in Pittsburgh but always looking to get back to Cleveland. I keep one blog for my sanity but it’s more personal and less political nowadays. I got tired of the screaming and fighting and no one is listening anymore anyway. Well, I’m glad to see you commenting on the ‘Occupy Wall Street’ movement. In a real age of despair it’s good to see people in the street again. The movement is coming here and already the local radio is smearing it as being led by Communists. Well, I guess I shouldn’t expect any less. At least the Post-Gazette might give them a fair shake. Best to you!

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