First Women’s Economic Empowerment Summit Held at NYU

I can’t think of anyone who is doing more than U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) is to transform women’s numbers and talents and skills and potential into action that improves life for all of us.  Her Women’s Economic Empowerment Summit, which drew 500 participants this past week, is a perfect companion topic to the much smaller but still necessary forum this past week on how Issue 2/SB5 would affect women in the workplace. Gillibrand highlights what a force women already are and how much more we can be, as well as the challenges that continue to need to be overcome.  For example, only  7% of women negotiate their first salaries, while 57% of men do.  That alone helps you see why removing collective bargaining rights from public sector employees would have a dramatic, negative effect on working women.

This resource guide from Gillibrand is an excellent, specific resource on this topic. You can also listen to the Senator talk about it on The Today Show and read the Twitter stream from the Summit.

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It is invaluable to have role models like Sen. Gillibrand.

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