The Cain Takeaway: He Minimizes & Simplifies the Least Reductive of Problems

And that is not leadership.

Whether we’re talking Herman Cain’s economic plan (9-9-9 or 9-0-9) or how he and his campaign are failing to deal with Politico’s reporting on the settlement specifics between the National Restaurant Association (when Cain was its head) and two of its former employees regarding alleged sexual harassment in the workplace, Cain seems to believe that he can reduce, minimize and make disappear whatever complexities he thinks ail others from being able to come up with solutions.

The problem is, whether it’s people who view certain behavior of his as being inappropriate and constituting sexual harassment (even if he doesn’t see it that way) or people saying that his 9-9-9 plan won’t help the poor but would in fact exacerbate their economic standing, he seeks to make the complicating factors – women and the poor – disappear from the equation altogether.

Lucky for women and sadly for the poor, there are tens of millions in both groups.  We won’t disappear and we don’t call people who would like to see that happen, “leader.”

Seriously, Herman. You can claim the leader mantle in a number of ways. Including, leader of the reductionists.

2 thoughts on “The Cain Takeaway: He Minimizes & Simplifies the Least Reductive of Problems

  1. More Voodoo economics from the party that wants to rob me blind. The R’s have been robbing me since 1981.

    A simple minded solution that won’t work for a really complicated problem. This is because the rotten 1% want us to pay their way and stop complaining about the moldy crumbs. The R’s want to be the new more rotten overseer class. It is unfortunate that too many people think that freedom is “free”. Freedom cost money but we don’t wanna pay. Since I can’t buy my own governor, senator etc directly, I have to pay taxes to get what I want.

    Tax cuts for the 1% are part of the reason we have these problems. Where are the jobs from these tax cuts anyway?


  2. Reading Cain’s detailed 999 plan enlightened me about it: it’s not that bad although there are some areas that need some modification and restructuring.

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