CampaignTech Keynote: “Ditch the Fear and Communicate”

Nice photo and article about the opening keynote in which I got to participate at last week’s CampaignTech conference (which was really excellent).  There are other articles and photos floating around out there but I’ve not had time to track them down.

Many thanks to Julie Germany, Shane Greer & Shane D’Aprile of Campaigns & Elections, Pete Snyder of New Media Strategies (NMS) and all the folks who put on this event.  It was an incredible honor to be involved in not one, not two but three speaking opportunities there (here’s an article about the Innovators Award speeches and presentation) and I’m sure the message that local electeds and constituencies need to “get it” and now and how got across.

And – in the spirit of political leadership in the digital age, while I was at the event, there was a Road & Safety/Finance & Planning meeting in Pepper Pike which I observed, from my hotel in DC, via Skype. Another first for our city & for our city government.  I wasn’t counted for the quorum, there were no votes taken and even if there would have been, I would not have participated.  But it was great for me to follow along during a very long and content-rich meeting so that at this coming week’s City Council meeting, I can participate fully and well-informed.  Many thanks to my colleague Scott Newell who provided the laptop through which I could view the meeting.

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