Feed your inner junkie: 14 week, $50 Campaign Battleground course w/the pros

Mike McIntyre and Ohio.com are highlighting a University of Akron course, Campaign Battleground, that will be offered Thursday evenings for 2.5 hrs, 14 weeks with John Green, Gerald Austin and Mark Weaver starting this Thursday (1/12/12) that sounds like a political junkie’s dream:

This course is about the 2012 American national elections, with a special focus on the presidential campaign.  In the spring of 2012 the course will focus on the primaries.  We will follow the campaign carefully and investigate the strategy, tactics and conduct for the major contenders in “real time,” that is, as the campaigns are taking place.  A special focus will be placed on Ohio, a key battle ground state. No class March 15, 2012 spring break.

If I could find that kind of time, I’d be blogging a lot more about the same and other topics but if you go, please consider starting a blog and writing about the class and how it’s making you think, etc.

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