Getting here from there: What being platform agnostic really looks like

Originally posted on my Facebook page:

Just to show, again, how integrated consuming & producing news & information is with the use of social media:

1. I read about Inside Business’s Power 100 in the Sat. PD

2. I looked online to see that only one woman made the top 10 under 40

3. I blogged about that, then tweeted it, FB’d it & emailed one of the mag’s writers to learn more

4. This morning, I got followed on Twitter (happily so) by the editor of that mag, Steve Gleydura, who edits other prominent NE Ohio publications.

5. Viewing his twitter timeline, I clicked on a link to a video clip of him talking about the Cleveland mag’s most interesting people.

6. While watching & listening to that, I searched on my iPad for that issue to see who else was on the list. First thing: a good array of folks re: age, gender, race, occupation etc. Very nice. But really nice? Two women I know and think a lot of: Hallie Bram and Stefanie Penn Spear.

SO – kudos to all, esp. to Hallie and Stefanie

And now – because I yam who I yam – see!? Erick Trickey – you all totally can find more than just one woman under 40 who could be on that list of top 10 power people under 40 (i.e., if such a nice array can be found of interesting people, I really do believe we have such an array for top 10 under 40).

Now – to friend Steve – lol – even after all I’ve written and blogged! 🙂

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